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“We do a great job and I mean that! Call us old fashioned, but we still believe the way to do business is with integrity, quality in workmanship, and a guarantee that we will always deliver more than what is expected.  Ask your neighbors, check out our reviews on our site and on Angie’s List and you will see what people are saying about Harbor Home Pro. Take a look at the hand written thank you note we got on May 7th from Huong in Gig Harbor posted on our photo album page.  She wrote: “Jamie, Thank you and your employee for going above and beyond the call of duty!! -Huong.  P.S.  Roof looks great!!! ”  We’re glad to be your home care company Huong!       -Jamie Lazares, owner

HomePro Services

  • Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, and Treatment Application
  • Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Exterior Whitening
  • Gutter Foam Installation for Leaf Free Gutters
  • Power Washing & Concrete Cleaning
  • Siding Cleaning & Complete Building Exterior Wash Service
  • Deck & Dock Cleaning / Rail Restoration
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Outdoor Home Maintenance & Projects
  • Holiday Light Installation
  • Exterior Home Inspections

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Tips from our HomePro’s…

Hiring a Window Washer

“When hiring a professional to clean your windows it is important to use your resources in order to find a reputable company that you can trust to do a great job and to treat you and your home with absolute professionalism. In order to find a reliable window cleaning service we recommend researching for good referrals amongst people in your community, or on trustworthy sites such as angieslist.com or google. Other factors are also important such as the long-term effects your window cleaner’s solution will have on your windows. For example, we use a top-shelf professional product that will keep your windows cleaner up to 4 times longer than the most common mixture you will find amongst the professional window cleaning community (detergent + ammonia).”

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof cleaning & moss removal can be a slippery situation and should most definitely be left to the professionals as there is much more too it than meets the eye.  Moss, algae, and mildew form an ecosystem on your roof when the Ph of the roof has become optimal for that growth, which is caused by many different factors ranging from dampness and light levels to the types of organic life that are around your home. Your roof’s Ph must be neutralized in order to prevent further growth of that ecosystem and to return your roof to a healthy, dry, and clean state.  If dead moss is not removed and is left up on your roof, the roof will not properly dry out and that dead moss will act as a sponge dampening your roof and  inviting new organism to its surface.  Properly removing moss must be done from the safety of a harness and with hand tools and light brushes.  You should never let somebody pressure wash or firmly brush or scrape your roof as it will cause significant damage and shorten the life of your roof.”

Gutter Cleaning

“The problem with overflowing gutters is that gutters are full of decomposing plant materials, which have made the Ph of the water inside of them capable of permanently damaging siding and windows.  We recommend calling us for a free home exterior inspection at least twice a year in order to avoid issues such as overflowing gutters, roof leaks, rotting siding & supports,  and moss problems.  Also, ask us about a product called Gutterstuff, which is a foam leaf-filter gutter insert that we install in many of our customers roofs in order to keep their gutters free of blockage and flowing year round. ”

Gutter Foam Installation

“This product is for our customers who own a home that is surrounded by trees, and who find themselves dealing with the necessity of gutter cleaning every few months.  Keeping gutters flowing freely is a must as overflowing gutters can cause thousands of dollars of damage during a single rainfall.  Our custom gutter foam inserts are pre-formed to fit inside of your existing gutters and keep leaves, debris, and breeding mosquitos out while allowing water to continuously flow year round. Maintenance is as simple as a roof blow off with a leaf blower when needed.  This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty from 5 years to a lifetime guarantee depending upon which product model you choose.  Call us today for a free estimate.  This product is very affordable and is a great alternative to those expensive leafless gutters.”

Saving Money on Roof Cleaning

The biggest expense in roof cleaning occurs when large amounts of moss have been allowed to accumulate on the roof and must be removed.  If you are able to stay vigilante as a homeowner keeping an eye on the condition of your roof, you can avoid these expenditures by having us come out and treat your roof at the first sign of moss accumulation.  We also offer home and roof inspections free to our customers, so if you are unable to take a look at your roof yourself you can give us a call at any time and take advantage of this free service, possibly saving yourself hundreds of dollars on roof cleaning.”

Avoid Damage While Washing Windows

“If you decide to clean your own windows and plan on using a razor blade to remove stubborn contaminants from the windows surface there are a few things to consider in order to avoid permanent damage to your windows.  Firstly, any picture windows, sliding glass doors, skylights or other windows that begin at a level below the waist are made of tempered glass.  Razor blades should not be used on tempered glass as this kind of glass is fired in a way that causes small pieces of sand to commonly stick to the surface.  If a blade is run over these small pieces of sand on the surface of the glass, it will cause large unsightly and permanent scratches on your window.  Instead, use  #0000 steel wool after window washing to detail the glass and lightly buff away any contaminants or smudges on the windows surface.”

Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, & Environmental Considerations

Considerations for the environment should be taken when deciding upon hiring a roof cleaning service.  The severity of your roof’s issue is a factor in considering what type of product should be used in order to effectively treat the problem.  If your roof is in an area that is very agreeable to moss, mildew, and algae a stronger product such as zinc sulfate may be necessary to properly treat the problem.  But, if you live near the beach, a creek, or perhaps have a koi pond just down the hill from your home, toxic products such as zinc sulfate should be avoided at all costs.  For these biologically sensitive areas there are much better options to treat a roof such as a combination of removal of the moss by hand and application of the proper amount of a biodegradable roof detergent.  The pro’s at Harbor Home Pro are dedicated to environmentally responsible roof cleaning practices.”



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